About Us

My name is Robin Cleaver and I hope I will soon be welcoming you to the lovely Hotel Santa Fe. As you are using this website to explore the hotel I thought I would give you a brief history of how our how our extraordinary Hotel Santa Fe came to be.

In 1974, on one of my many visits to Oaxaca for business, a friend suggested I visit Puerto Escondido and I immediately fell in love with this beautiful location. At that time Puerto Escondido had only 2000 people, the road in front of the hotel was a burro track, and there was no development along the Zicatela, which was wild and open.

Soon after that first visit, I came back with my wife Barbara and we bought the land where the hotel now sits and set in motion the development of this wonderful spot. It has been a fascinating and difficult project and it has changed our lives. Barbara’s enthusiasm and support have been important in this project, and my children, Miles, Bram and Zoila, have grown up with the hotel. Each of them deeply loves Puerto Escondido and Mexico.

As it grew, our project became more than just a family project. It has been a group effort. I could not have built the hotel without the contributions of a core group of friends including my dear friend Dr. Victor Lepe, the late Dr. Irny Kasle, Richard Elmore, and my brother Paul Cleaver. All four of these people have been critical in the realization and success of the hotel.

It has been our good fortune that, from the very first days of opening, we have had the most delightful and fascinating guests. Our guests are a large part of what makes our hotel an interesting place to stay.

Critical to the success of the hotel has been the wonderful staff, some of whom have been with us from the very start. They are truly the gracious heart of the Hotel Santa Fe. They look forward to serving our guests. Our guests who return year after year consider them like family and when you come you will soon feel that way as well.

We look forward to having you visit the Hotel Santa Fe. All of us are sure that you will find the hotel to be as delightful as the many guests who have preceded you have found it. If I happen to be in the hotel when you are here be sure to stop and say hello. I am not here as much as I used to be as we now have a new generation of management.